A Bout with Gloves.

Journal of Manly Arts
June 2003

by Professor A. Austin

Originally published in Outing magazine, February, 1891, No. 17, p. 447-452.

This is not trickery, it is ability attained by practice, which gives spring, elasticity and suppleness of limb, combined with firmness, enabling a man to move with more ease, freedom and rapidity than the unpracticed, as well as the aptitude to think and act together with promptitude. The system to adopt is the one that will most readily develop these qualities. The application of any system depends on the man himself. He may be a nervous and impetuous boxer or he may be a cautious and confident one, but in any case the system is applicable to all exigencies, enabling him to make the utmost of every particle of strength and activity that nature has given him, by an intimate knowledge of the principles of attack and resistance.

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June 2003